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Transform from Incompletion to Completion 

People are incomplete because instead of living in the world, which is Truth, they live inside their own mind world, which is made up of their life lived (karma), habits that were inherited from the ancestors, and the body. People create their own false mind worlds by storing their memories as images and because of this they live trapped inside these self-made worlds. All tens of thousands of thoughts come from this mind world and they are stress and pain.           

Check Out This Easy Guide to Meditation

The Clear Path

7 Levels of Meditation

​​​The method is created as a program of seven levels; each level is simply a different technique designed to expand your consciousness to the mind of the universe

Meditation method

Enlightenment from Within 


As much as the picture world falls out, that much enlightenment is there. Enlightenment is getting to know when the mind gets that much bigger, as much as the consciousness has gone to Truth. 

You enlighten as much as you've gone to Truth, so your face keeps on getting brighter.

The Seven Levels

Level 1: Discarding remembered thoughts (confirming the Universe is one’s self)
Level 2: Discarding images of self and relationships (confirming there are no [false] minds)
Level 3: Discarding the body (confirming the Universe exists within one’s self)
Level 4: Discarding the body and the universe (confirming the original Soul and Spirit)
Level 5: Discarding the body and the universe 

                (confirming the original Soul and Spirit and the world of the original Soul and Spirit)
Level 6: Eliminating one’s self and becoming the universe

                (becoming the original Soul and Spirit)
Level 7: Discarding the illusionary world and the self that is living in that world

Practicing meditation for anxiety and depression with our 7-step method to uncover your original nature. Our guided classes and positive community offer you the best place to practice meditation.

The Way to Go To the Land of Truth 

The ultimate purpose of all religions, philosophies, and ideologies 

Our meditation study is to make you go to the Land of Truth and Live there eternally while you are alive. While you are alive, you can confirm Truth is within you, and live in the Land of Truth which is Heaven, Nirvana, and Paradise while living.  You can achieve this when you discard all of your karma, habits, and body with our 7-step method.  The ultimate goal of human life is to become Truth and live eternally. What everybody hopes for is to go to the land of Truth and live happily forever. You can achieve it when you come to us and learn how to live eternally.

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