This is the best education that I have received in my life. I have find the answers within.

— Heather

"My childhood in Singapore was spent in and out of hospitals due to severe asthma. Doctors warned my mother that I wouldn’t live past adolescence because I was so skinny and weak. Because of this it made me understand that happiness does not come from possessions, rather it meant to be alive. I chose to work in the healthcare industry after college because of my childhood health issues. At the hospital where I worked, I witnessed many patients die. The first moment of sitting down next to a deceased patient, a man in his early 20s, sent me into a deep state of confused, fear and extreme sadness. The fear of losing my life during childhood flashed back to me and I wondered intensely where I would go after death, why was I born, and what ultimately is the meaning for human beings to live some years and then suddenly vanish away like smoke. I fell into a deep depression as I saw more and more patients pass away. Also- at that point in my life, I was aware that I still had judgments towards others and had a strong ego . Even though I learned in the Buddhist sutra that everything is impermanent and that everyone is One and we should love each other, it was impossible to practice this in my everyday life.


I started to do different kinds of meditations to cope with stress and search for those questions I had about life and death, like Buddhist meditation, yoga etc., all of which helped to calm my mind. However, I knew my mind was not able to remain in a peaceful state all the time and the perpetual internal conflict of living up to what I knew, was always at odds with my habitual behavior. There was also still fluctuation and noisy chatter at the back of my mind. Therefore, I continued to search for new ways to achieve peace and ended up trying this method. In the end, it has been the best decision that I made in my life. This meditation completely put an end to my search for Truth because I have found the answers from within simply by engaging in this method. 


Simply by following the method and discarding pictures of my human relationships I have let go of the hatred I had for my father (someone I wasn’t speaking to at that time), which had negativity impacted my health for years. From the meditation, I learned that the emotional baggage of the people I hated are only pictures imprinted in my mind, mere illusions I have stored inside myself. Being able to look back on the relationship with my father, forgive and reconcile with him was one of the most invaluable gifts that this mediation has given to me. With this meditation, my health also improved and my body relaxed. In addition, I look much younger and people around told me that I became much more beautiful than before.


Most importantly, the incessant searching about the questions related to life and death and other queries are all resolved. I am now able to live in the moment and realize this world is heaven itself. Before, my mind was full of nonexistent illusions which hindered me from being in touch with life. Now wherever I go, whoever I meet whatever I do I am always happy and light. Moreover, because I understand the laws of nature, I have become more realistic and practical, there are always positive results from whatever I do and I am able to enjoy the process. 


Since I have changed my perspective from a self-centered mind to the infinite mind of the Universe, I have formed new habits of being able to live for the others and finding the joy in living for others’ happiness since they are also me. This is the best education that I have received in my life.  With this method, I am convinced that it is possible for the world to become one."


My heart has never felt more open. I've never felt more alive, more at peace, more myself and more in reality.

— Darragh

"After three years of intensive study, I recently completed the entire course. I am writing this while still digesting the magnitude of this experience, however, without any illusions, I can say that I have so much hope for the world right now because of this method. My heart has never felt more open. My mind never felt so free of anger, selfishness, hatred and attachments. I’ve never felt more alive, more at peace, more myself, and more in reality. My personal relationships have improved in my family, friendships and at work. Anxiety is gone and I feel completely protected and at home in the world. And the deeper I go into this practice the more of the aforementioned I feel. If this is not a miracle, I do not know what is. Hands down, this is the most authentic spiritual discipline and community I have experienced in my life. My prior spiritual searching had always been an exercise in "reading and talking" about spiritual concepts, however with this discipline you BECOME "the Tao." I feel truly blessed to be part of relatively the first cohorts of people to experience this state of being. 


I feel as if I have slowly awoken from a nightmare that was my mind and can now see the beauty of this world and the beauty of people within it. The best way to describe this method is sort of like a martial arts for the mind. And what I have learned from this study is that I live within my own false mind world (the ego), which is a 'hell' because it creates the delusion of separateness. If I am unable to see that everything is already one (i.e. universe), then I know it is a distortion of MY ego and I can quickly use the tools of this method to discard my delusion of separateness to find harmony in practically any situation.


If all people did this method, then naturally a free society where we lived for each other and took care of each other would unfold because we would know as a lived experience that we are all one. It wouldn't be just a concept or "ism" to fight for, rather a lived embodiment in all social relationships. This community of people are truly pioneers at the precipice of radically changing human consciousness and as such the current system. And as with all people and communities who have pushed the edge of consciousness throughout history, those who have come first are often misunderstood. Some people get stuck looking at the finger that points to the moon, just become the moon and you will know for yourself what this study truly is.

The enormousness of this project is something that cannot be comprehended with the human psyche. However, the only way to begin to understand it is to experience it yourself and wake up from your delusion of separateness. For those with the ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’ this message, this center and community awaits you- if you are not ready yet, this community is still here for you when you are. If you use this method with your heart, it can be a tool for personal and collective freedom beyond your wildest dreams, at least for me it has been thus far, and I know it this is only the beginning..."


“The beauty of letting go.

— Rene

Since starting this meditation, I have stopped letting petty things affect me in negative ways. I reclaimed my inner strength and power which started creating so much peace within me that radiates to the relationships around me. I had a really heartfelt conversation with my mother and now I am really able to see her for the beautiful loving being that she is and not for 'images' that I made up in my head and letting go of past situations that do not exist now because they are in past and not in the NOW. 


I attract much more positive energy in my life and stopped seeking so much appreciation and acceptance from others. Also stopped comparing my life to others around me and am fully able to appreciate the person that I am able to cherish and honor that. 


From this meditation, I easily and got answers to things that happened in my life that I did not know before because I am tapped into my inner guide and the universe. There were some challenging moments but it was all in creating the beauty of letting go of so much that does not serve me and being the best version of me. My confidence has soared and well as for me to be in a vulnerable and authentic place and all aspects of my life. I am thankful to method of this mediation and to all of the guides at the center that provide the support for me during this journey.

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