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Flushing Meditation
Member Stories

— Jade, Physician Assistant

“I have spent the majority of my adult life exploring a myriad of meditation styles and their origins.

I have spent the majority of my adult life exploring a myriad of meditation styles and their origins.  I read books (lots of books), listened to lectures, visited temples, and went on retreats.  I fasted, remained silent, and contemplated overturning my life to become a nun.  And despite all of this, there it remained, the dull nagging of my soul, until I moved to Queens and stumbled upon Flushing Meditation. 

Flushing Meditation is different in so many positive ways, and whether you're new to meditation, or you are a lifelong seeker such as myself, life has brought you to the right place.  Regardless of what your story is or what you are seeking, whether it be the search for peace, happiness, health or a full blown existential crisis --- you can find what you are looking for here.
I'm delighted to say that after starting this meditation practice, the restless part of myself, that was always searching and never satisfied, has quieted down.  I no longer feel as if something is missing, and instead I feel that I'm finally on the right path.  My partner pointed out that my overall mood was lighter and happier, and made sure to tell me that I was much more fun to live with.  And when I look back, I realize that I have truly become more equanimous, and no longer torture myself or the people around me with the unpleasant mood swings that I had felt powerless over before.  Without directly addressing my relationships, I had improved them.  And when I accepted the idea that this meditation was definitively enhancing my life, I ironically released some of the stress and anxiety I had gathered while looking for a way to unload them.
Over time, this meditation has continued to work for me in ways that I couldn't have expected.  I work as a physician assistant in a large hospital system where I specialize in oncology, and as a part of my job, I witness tremendous physical and spiritual suffering on a daily basis.  By having this method, I am able to continually replenish my own spirit and be a pillar for others, without burning out, hardening my heart, or putting up walls to protect myself from the feelings of others.  I could have never predicted the Covid-19 pandemic or imagined that I would find myself directly in the middle of a battlefield, a direct witness to unbelievable traumas and horrors day after day.  It has been the key to my resilience.  It allows me to go back into work each day, grateful for whatever difference I can make, and confident that I can continue on in the face of fear, uncertainty and the inevitable losses that come along with the magic and mystery of life.
I cannot speak about Flushing Meditation without highlighting the incredible diversity of our meditators.  As a center located in arguably one of the most diverse cities in the country, you can expect to meet individuals from a wide array of places and backgrounds.  And despite our beautiful differences, we all come together to support each other in our journey to live increasingly fulfilling lives.  I immediately felt seen and accepted when I was first welcomed to the Flushing Meditation center.  I cherish being free to be utterly myself in whatever space I am in, without judgement or bias. 

Flushing Meditation doesn't encourage lengthy retreats in austere conditions or rely on confusing instructions and hard-to-contact instructors, they prefer to keep things simple.  They offer both individual and small group sessions from the comfort of your own home, with flexible scheduling, and although the method is easy to follow, the instructors (we call them helpers) are always close by to answer any questions that come up along the way.

Regardless of how you may be struggling, this meditation has the ability to transform you into the best version of yourself and effortlessly translate into nearly all the aspects of your life.  I highly recommend that you give it a try! And now that they are offering virtual meditation, there's really no reason not to. Hope to see you around!