Guided Meditation for Stress

Research has shown that meditation is the best stress buster. Practicing meditation for anxiety and stress is a powerful and lasting solution to manage stress. People's stress exists in their own mind. So if people discard their mind, and when their mind becomes the one mind of the whole, there will be no stress. We have the exact steps to bring about those changes within you.


Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

Reduce stress with meditation to uncover your true, happy self

Stress is something we cannot “not” talk about when it comes to mental and physical well-being. It almost became like a normal thing to have. People will just say everybody’s stressed what is so special about it? Stress can really have a negative impact on one’s physical well-being as well as one’s mental health.  So let’s find out what this thing called stress really is, where it comes from and how to best deal with it. Once you have a basic understanding of stress, our science-backed method will help you step-by-step eliminate the root cause of stress

What is stress? Simply explained.

When do we say we are stressed?  Maybe when we have worries – worries about money, family, work, relationships, or about future events. Or it could be about past regrets or resentment from past events. It could be judgments or thinking how other people will judge me. Whether it is worries or anxiety, regrets or resentment or judgments -  what they are – they are all thoughts in my head. What kind of thoughts? Unnecessary unwanted thoughts. And I constantly carry them. So, what is stress? These obsessive thoughts. They are unnecessary and unwanted. This is the thing - if we can find out where these thoughts come from and also the way to eliminate that cause then we will not carry these thoughts. That means I’ll be free from stress. Permanently.  


What is actually creating all those thoughts?

Human mind is creating that. And what is the human mind? Let's take a look. Human body works like a camera. A camera takes pictures and stores pictures in the film. Human body works exactly like a camera. A camera has a lens — the human body has 5 senses almost like 5 lenses. With eyes, nose, ears, mouth and the body— what you see, smell, what you say and taste what you hear and what you feel with your body we take pictures of what we experience and we store them in our brain in our mind.  











Since birth, we’ve been working like a camera: family matters, hometown, school life, all those life events dating, relationships, work matters, money matters--- everything we experienced we actually took pictures and stored those pictures where in our mind. From these pictures, tens of thousands of thoughts come out and that is stress.  All your worries come from the pictures. Negative thoughts, whether it be anxiety, frustration, anger, fear, or regrets, all of it, are coming from the pictures. So what is causing the stress?  Just pictures.  

How to eliminate stress?

Now what do we need to do?  We need to throw those pictures away one by one ; as you discard pictures you will become free of the stress. That process is called “Meditation”.  Throwing away the pictures is the best way to deal with stress.    And also the best way to find your true mind.  How do we do that?  First, we have to learn how to recognize pictures. Then you simply follow the instructions with your mind. You are going to recall, reflect, and throw them away. Stress disappears.  

Best guided meditation for stress

Our meditation is designed to eliminate your stress for good.  Our science-backed meditation method will help you find out where the unnecessary and unwanted thoughts come from and eliminate the root cause of them. What you need today is guided classes and a positive community to practice meditation to bring peace and calmness in your life. The best time to take care of your health is when you are healthy. Don't wait until stress damages your health, relationships, or quality of life. Be free from stress, anxiety, and depression. Start practicing meditation today to calm your mind and live a fulfilling life. With guidance, you can learn how to meditate quite easily. We welcome you to join our meditation class and learn how to meditate.

Is there anything in this world that is more important than your well-being? 

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