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Our Story

Flushing Meditation Center is a very calm and peaceful place to rest the mind and reflect on oneself. We are so happy to be in such an open-minded, spiritual, and diverse community. This is why at Flushing Meditation, people really enjoy the meditation process and enlighten so deeply and quickly.

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400 Centers Globally

Our center has provided the Flushing community with a quality and life-transforming meditative practice since 2008. At our center, we make available a 7-step meditation program to find your True Self, which is a groundbreaking practice currently used in 6 continents and 400 centers globally. Our method is causing a worldwide sensation because it is so simple yet has the capacity to provide life-changing results and freedom from one’s difficulties, as well as expand human consciousness. 

Founder's Vision

The reason we meditate and the goal of meditation:

Since humans are incomplete, we meditate to become complete. Completion is when the falseness becomes Truth. All my time is dedicated to teaching people Truth. I'm waiting and waiting, for the day when all people have become complete; when Truth will be spread all over the world and everyone will live the life of their true self. 



Meet Our Team



Having experienced so many wonderful benefits with this meditation, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to help others to experience this transformation and gain unlimited happiness within. 





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