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Our Story

Flushing Meditation is dedicated to helping all people recover their original nature. Through this meditation, practiced by people of all ages worldwide, individuals can transform their human minds into the mind of the Universe. Our aim is for everyone to live with inner peace and happiness through finding Truth within.

400 Centers Globally

Our center has provided the Flushing community with a quality and life-transforming meditative practice since 2008. At our center, we make available a 7-step meditation program to find your True Self, which is a groundbreaking practice currently used in 6 continents and 400 centers globally.

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Our meditation method teaches people how to cleanse the mind of countless thoughts and images, which are the roots of stress, anxiety, and many other problems. Our goal is not only to provide temporary relief but also to guide people to live without stress or worry by helping them discover their true selves and achieve lasting happiness.

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