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Kids Meditation 

Benefits Of Meditation For Kids & Children Queens, NY 


Guided Meditation for kids


Even Kids have stress, anxiety, and fears weighing them down at times. Try our guided meditation for children to help them relieve the stress and anxiety they are carrying in their minds. 

As adults, we seek to prepare children for life in the world, giving them the tools they need to overcome obstacles and enjoy a happy, healthy life. Our online guided meditation for kids program introduces young people to a simple meditation practice that enables them to recognize, process, and release any uncomfortable thoughts or feelings they are carrying. They will receive life's greatest gift: a peaceful mind that is free from worries - all while having fun!


Teaching kids to meditate today!

Let them try the first class for free and give them the freedom to decide for themselves.

Meditation Benefits for Kids


Foster healthy brain functioning to incresase focus and attention span


Raise positive self-esteem and feel empowered


Release stress and anxiety kids can recover their original nature


Build care and kindness for themselves and others

"Also of course I didn't want to wake up early. But once I meditate, I just get up anyway!
- YeonWoo Park

"Can - and should - young children really mediate?"     


The answer is: Absolutely! The youngest member at our center is 6 years old. :) Kids understand the premise of meditation very well and therefore feel the benefits quickly! Life these days is stressful for kids, so meditation is more important than ever: offering a healthy outlet to process their emotions, relieve anxiety, and gain greater awareness and happiness.

Our young students have reported that they enjoy learning and can concentrate better in school, as well as naturally have more confidence, wisdom and compassion towards their peers, breaking the cycle of bullying and peer pressure.

We invite you and your young one to join us!

happy bee

Kids Meditation Story

Kids Enjoying Their Meditation 


"I'm so happy"

I feel relaxed, happy, and calm!

- Saanvi, 6


"I Love Meditation"

I feel so good wait I feel excellent!

-Leonard, 10


"Meditation is good for me"

Meditation is the best thing to do to get your mind clean and happy

- Nichole, 8


Ting-I Lin

It amazes me how easily children meditate

I started this meditation 8 years ago and have been a meditation guide at Flushing Meditation since 2015.  I know first hand the benefits of meditation and have seen children transformed by it. 

I feel so lucky to be able to share this meditation with kids; to witness the changes in every child.  I am truly so joyful to be able to dedicate my time and energy to this program.

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