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Guided Meditation For Anxiety Queens, NY  | Flushing Meditation

Learn a simple meditation to release anxiety, clear your mind and recover inner peace.

Do your thoughts put you into a “mental rut,” prevent you from making decisions, make you worry unnecessarily, drain your energy, or disrupt your sleep?
Studies show that the human mind creates about 60,000 thoughts per day with about 80% of those being negative and 95% of those being exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before. Those thoughts are subconsciously draining energy and precious brain power and ultimately preventing us from taking the best course of action for ourselves and others. 

Is There A Cure for Anxiety?

Flushing Meditation is the best guided meditation for anxiety 

Self-care is not selfish. It is smart. Our meditation program consists of a systematic 7-step method to completely uproot the causes of anxiety. The time you invest in meditation will be the time you save from making a mistake and having to fix it, from saying something wrong that creates conflicts in relationships, and from making a bad decision that you'll regret in the future.

What Causes Anxiety?

The reason why we have anxiety and cannot settle down our minds is because we continue to have many anxious thoughts. So then, where are the thoughts coming from and how we can escape? Let us take a look at how our mind is created.

We were born into the world with this body. Along with the body, there are eyes, nose, ears and mouth that function like  a camera. All the things I saw, heard, smelled, and felt are all like pictures in my brain like a reel of film, imprinted and remaining there. I have tens of thousands of kinds of pictures, all of them imprinted inside of me. 
Screenshot (382).png
 All of my thoughts come from these memories of the life lived. Even my anxious minds come from these kinds of pictures that I possess in my mind. I see, hear and also continuously think about the things I have in my mind. The mind world of pictures is what we refer to as the human mind world which is a false world. It seems as if I am living in this world; however, I am living in my self-made mind world. This is the reason why stress, anxiety, as well as questions and curiosities about life arise and also leads to having poor health. ​

Meditate away all of your anxiety

If you register at our meditation center, we will guide you with the method that will enable you to completely throw away this fake mind. We have the method for discarding karma, habits and body. If I completely discard my fake mind, then I am able to find the real mind which is Truth. This is what the Universe is and what Truth is, the world just as it is.

Everything has to be found from within my mind.

If you discard all of the mind which is fake and become the real mind, Truth as well as the land of Truth all exist in my mind. Then, all the difficulties that are in my mind -- Discard these and once you become the mind of Truth, it is such that all things will be naturally resolved and all anxieties will disappear.

Stop obsessive thoughts. Gain peace of mind.

Learn How To Meditate.

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