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My Journey with Flushing Meditation : From Curiosty to Confidence

Ivy Tong. Mar. 6. 2024

I love Flushing meditation!

It's super cool, and I feel like I'm getting closer to the universe mind. You should try it! Ever since I was 7 years old, my mom introduced me to Flushing meditation, and I was very excited and curious about it. Now I'm almost 9, and it's been amazing. I feel much more grown-up and confident than before.

I even told other kids about it, and they tried it too!

Once, at a special event at the American Dream Mall, my mom's friend asked why I was so confident and not crying when her daughter was crying. My mom said it's all thanks to meditation. Now they're doing it together too!

Thanks for listening to my story. I hope you give meditation a try and love it like I do! Big thanks to all the teachers and staff at Flushing Meditation. They're awesome!

And last , here's my meditation tips:)

Let's all join forces as parents and kids!


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