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Guided Meditation for Beginners

How To Guided Meditation For Beginners Queens, NY 

A Beginners Guide to Meditation

You may have heard countless benefits of meditation and started to take interest in trying it out, but may not know where to start. You may also be worried if it is going to be difficult to make the time or to stay focused. It is actually not that difficult at all to make the commitment once you get a clear idea of what meditation is really about. We have the best-guided meditation for beginners. Our method is simple and effective. It is designed for everyone. From children to grandparents, anyone can follow and reap the benefits. 

You will practice how to


Reflect On Yourself

Realize where all your thoughts come from


Release Your Thoughts

with the guided visualization technique


Discover The Truth

Discover the Universe, exists within you. 

What is meditation?

Simply put, meditation is to clean the mind. Think of it this way. If your face is dirty, what do you do? Wash it right. If the garbage bin is full, what do you do? Yes, empty it. The same thing applies to the mind. We need a way to cleanse our mind or empty the mind when it is full.  Our minds are filled with countless kinds of thoughts from the life we lived. Our meditation is a systematic and efficient way to cleanse the mind and get back to a state of mind that all religions, ideologies, and philosophies talk about and then live there.


How do you meditate? 

If there is a dirty stained shirt, we need to wash it. If we want to get that shirt clean and stain-free, we need to understand where the stains came from.  For example, if it is an oil stain, then you should use the right detergent and use hot water because the oils would dissolve well in hot water. If it is a bloodstain, however, then you should not use hot water, because the hot water will make the blood hardened. In that case, you will use cold water. When we understand what it is that we would like to cleanse, and when we have the right method, then we can really clean it effectively and efficiently.

The same with our mind, if we understand what is causing all our stress, anxiety, and pain, and if we have a method and follow the method, then we can really clean our mind effectively and efficiently.

How to meditate for beginners?


You may ask, is it going to be difficult to stop thinking and stop the mind from racing? It could be intimidating at first but once you understand how your mind works, you will not find it difficult anymore. You will be able to manage it with our science-backed meditation method and when you complete our 7-step method you will become completely free from your mind. Everybody has a lot of thoughts. Whether it has to do with family, career, future, or health. We have worries in our mind, negative thoughts, anxiety, stress, frustration, anger, curiosities, questions, and doubts. They are like stains in our mind. To cleanse these stains, we need to understand ‘my mind.’ We need to understand about ‘human mind.’

What is mind?

Human mind can be explained by using the analogy of camera. What does a camera do? A camera takes pictures. If there is an apple and the camera takes a picture of the apple, the picture of the apple is not actually the real apple. It is just a picture. The human body works exactly like that. With our five senses – eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and the body – we take pictures, and we store all our experiences in our mind in the form of pictures.

Watch this short video to learn about our meditation.

Since birth, we have been functioning like a camera creating this mind world inside our mind. Our hometown, what you experienced throughout your childhood, school life, work, money matters, relationships, and everything that you have experienced. We have been taking pictures, and we have been storing them in our mind creating this video tape called ‘Mind World’ and they are imprinted in the brain. You are continuously making a videotape of your entire life. This is what human mind is. All my thoughts and emotions come from these memories of the life lived.

It seems as if I am living in the world, which is real, however, you are not living in the world. You made a videotape of your mind world and have been living inside of it. Never once did we let go of any of these pictures. This is the very reason why stress, anxiety, depression, pain, burden, curiosity, questions about life arise which also leads to having poor health. 

 How to successfully meditate?

The best way to learn how to meditate is to be guided by a meditation expert. When you register for our guided meditation for beginners' class, we will show you how to meditate step by step. We will guide you with the method that will enable you to completely throw away this fake mind world. 

yoann-boyer-i14h2xyPr18-unsplash (1).jpg

3 Simple Steps:


Remembered thoughts of my life lived


Become aware of your habits & attachments


Throw away thoughts, stress & anxiety with a guided meditation technique

The ultimate goal of meditation 

If we completely discard all our fake human mind, then you will be able to find the real mind within you, which is Truth (Universe). The Truth (Universe) is the origin of everything, where everything comes from.  Religions refer to it as God, Buddha, Allah.  It is never changing, everlasting, and eternally alive. When you have this mind, then yes Heaven, Nirvana, and Paradise is within you. Having a picture mind is like having picture consciousness, it is ‘dead consciousness.’ We are doing this study to have ‘living consciousness.’

We have the best-guided meditation for beginners. It is a 7-step method to make your mind become Truth. It is exciting that we have this method and it is currently being used by more than 400 meditation centers around the world! Now it is time that we can find our true mind within. You can know all the ways of the world and live well because you have a positive mind. You are always joyful and happy. You can achieve everything that you want to achieve.

It takes time and patience to do this.

If you would like to change your life, please practice with patience.

Who would not do this? You can get started right now.

Is there anything in this world that is more important than becoming Truth and live a true life?

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