About Woo Myung

The Path of Seeking Truth

“Simply living out one’s lifetime cannot be all there is. Why is it that everyone lives then dies so meaninglessly?”  - Woo Myung

This question was the reason he spent much of youth in deep introspection and seeking Truth. By the time he turned thirty, he had read innumerable religious and philosophical books but he was not able to find any answers that satisfied him. He also sought out many sages and ascetics, but there were none who could answer his questions.

With unanswered questions about Truth remaining in his mind, he turned his focus to other areas of his life. He became financially comfortable, running a successful college preparatory academy. But this thought always remained in the back of his mind, “If I am alone in living well, what meaning is there in that? There is no happiness as long as there are people in the world suffering.” He wondered what he could do in order for everyone in the world to become happy. This was his greatest quandary, and he was certain that happiness did not come from material wealth or fame. He believed that true happiness could only be found when one knows where he comes from, where he returns, and the reason he was born. Eventually he made up his mind to seek the answers to these questions once and for all.

Attaining Enlightment

“Truth is the infinite Universe. The Universe is originally the great Soul and Spirit, and a person who becomes this existence itself does not die but lives forever.

Such is what human completion is.” – Woo Myung

At the end of 1995, Woo Myung decided to go to Gaya Mountain in search of enlightenment, and his wife joined him on his path of seeking Truth. They began to discard their mind worlds and all the minds they had accumulated since birth. His wife attained enlightenment first, and Woo Myung recollects, “I looked back on the life that I had lived, and realized I had more sins than anyone else. I told myself that the whole world would laugh if a person such as me actually became enlightened.” Rather than striving to become enlightened, he discarded his mind as well as his very self and on 3rd January, 1996, he was able to discard his mind world completely. He was enlightened that the Universe is his mind and that he is Truth.

When he was resurrected as Truth, he came to know the principles of the world, and all of his questions about life and death were answered. Realizing that people can only truly live when they discard their minds completely, he made up his mind to teach people how to become Truth.

“In order to teach the people of the world, there needed to be a method, and so I thought from their perspective. After studying on this twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, I was enlightened of the method with which I could teach people.” – Woo Myung

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