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Flushing Meditation Meets Yelp Elite Squad

Flushing Meditation recently had the pleasure of introducing its unique form of meditation to members of the Yelp Elite Squad. What never heard of the Yelp Elite Squad? Well, prior to our meeting neither did we😊.

The Yelp Elite Squad is Yelps way of recognizing those Yelpers who go above and beyond sharing reviews and photos and become a trusted voice to follow in their local community. “It’s a diverse community of locals who live to discover hidden gems, support great businesses and share extraordinary experiences only found on Yelp.” Some perks members receive are attending exclusive events in the community and going behind the scenes interacting with business owners. They are always striving to be the best so they can bring the best to their community.

Where does meditation come in? Jando Shum, Queen’s Yelp Community Director, wants to share local businesses with his colleagues to keep everyone connected, learning new skills and enhance community and togetherness during the pandemic. An opportunity to connect our Meditation and Online services with the Queens Elite Squad was brought to us. To our delight, this presentation was opened to a national audience when other Yelp Elite members showed interest in meditation.

The event itself went extremely well. The energy was high, and everyone seemed very eager to learn about meditation. It started with a testimonial by Alfredo sharing his experience about this meditation, followed by a presentation on the human mind and why we need to meditate and then ended with some meditation. Marissa M. summed the atmosphere up, “This virtual stress relief meditation event with Flushing Meditation was amazing!”

The comments during the presentation were very insightful and funny which kept the mood very lively. Hannah H. said “I loved how Ting explained that the world exists as it is, but we live in our minds with the ‘pictures’ that we take of this world, which results in the differences of thoughts, opinions, and experiences of each individual person- SO DEEP!”

People seemed to be amazed at the statistics presented about the human mind. Anna H. commented, “Wow, really 60,000 thoughts per day….man, we all got a lot on our mind!” While Tsz-Cheong C. was grateful for “…giving us an outlet to clear some of our 60,000 plus or minus daily thoughts.” Others like Marissa M. confirmed that thoughts are consuming, but now has a way to change. “It really put a lot of things in perspective for me. She teaches you to really to ‘Let it go’. I too can get wrapped up with thoughts in my mind that are just simply stressing me out and taking up meaningless space in my mind. I’ve learned very useful techniques on how to get rid of the things in my mind.”

Everyone took away something from the event. Whether it was relieving stress and feeling lighter like Daniel L experienced with others when he commented. “we had learned so much, nearly everyone even dropped a quick comment in the chat to confirm everyone was feeling lighter, like a noticeable bit of stress just came off and evaporated” or just the ability to learn and experience new things like Ingrid S. mentioned. “If you would have asked me if I was into meditating and yoga pre-covid I probably would have laughed away but now its just a nice little thing to take a small chunk of time out of my day and relax.”

In the end, we were happy to share our services with the Yelp Elite Squad. We may have not known about them before, but we do now and we appreciate them as the driving force helping local businesses be brought into the spotlight with their open mindedness and desire to make a difference. We look forward to continuing to help the Elite Squad and others to change their lives through meditation. We feel the same way Daniel L. feels when he says, “This really turned out to be the perfect thing at the perfect time…”.

To find out more about our meditation practice, schedule yourself for an intro today!

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it.” ~Sharon Salzberg

Virtual Elite Event: Stress Relief with Flushing Meditation


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