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From Despair to Hope

There were people living in the world even a long time ago. The many people who lived in the world throughout the ages have all disappeared, silently and without a trace. While they lived, they were attached to the realities of their daily lives and they suffered because of their minds of possession, but despite all of their agonizing over the meaningless events of life, no trace of them remains. Ultimately, there is no meaning in human life.


The only way for man to live forever and escape from suffering and burden is to die (in the mind) while he is still living. Only then can he find his true self. His true self is God who remains when he is dead.


Even if all people and the world disappear, what remains is the existence without form, taste, scent, sight, hearing and feeling. That is, the existence- for which these minds have completely ceased- remains: the original foundation. If one is reborn from the original foundation, he and the world become eternal and never-dying immortals, and both the world and man live, for they become God that never dies.


Discarding falseness and becoming real is the only path to life. People want to become real but at the same time keep the falseness; there are not many people who know that they can only become real if they throw away what is false. They have such strong attachments to their falseness that they look for Truth within it. They do not know that Truth does not exist within falseness- that is how foolish people are. The right way, or the answer, is to discard falseness so that only Truth remains, and to be reborn as Truth. 


Every human being and every creation in the world have minds of individual beings. How can man, animate beings, and inanimate objects survive if they discard their individual minds?

True mind is the core and the origin of everything in the world. True mind exists but it does not; it does not exist but it exists. It is the existence as it is. However, people are ignorant and misunderstand; they think they cannot live without human mind. The original mind exists as it is no matter if the human mind exists or not. Yet people have their own human mind, and think that individual mind is what constitutes their selves.


When the original mind exists but one's human minds do not, he lives a true life. One's own individual mind only confines and restricts; it does not help him at all. Becoming free from one's ego entirely is 'do' (Tao) or going towards Truth. Only when one lives with the original mind, is his life a well-lived life. 


When one's own minds are added to this original mind, they form to make his soul and become the source of various delusions. When one's individual mind does not exists, he can live according to nature's flow- a complete life of Truth.


Cleansing the Mind Can Bring Health Beauty and Longevity

When we cleanse our minds illness is no more. We can be our healthiest, most beautiful and live longer. It is quite common to see people recovering from their illness while cleansing their minds. The image of a person is his mind. Every single creation lives according to how it looks because it had its own image, or shape, of mind. 


Frogs live jumping around, and lions live preying on animals because the are made in the image to do so. Even people behave differently according to their image, which is the shape of their minds. 


The shape itself is the mind. What is in our minds appears outwardly. Our minds are our lived lives. When we throw away our lived lives, only the Truth, which is true mind, remains.


Illness originates from the false mind that we have. The illness is the image of the false mind. When we eliminate our false mind, the internal flow of blood and energy that has been blocked by our false mind is freed, so that illness disappears. In addition, our appearance can be most beautiful because of our comfort in having eliminated our false minds. This is true for our longevity as well. When we do not have our false human minds and become one with heaven, we are released from suffering; we live with the mind of heaven without suffering from judgments, burdens, or stress. Our bodies become heavenly bodies and live with the longevity of heaven. This is our original eternal life space.


Good health depends on one's mind. When our minds are liberated and live as the Truth by nature's flow, the blood and energy in our bodies will circulate well and there will be no more illness. 

People Living In A Dream Do Not Know they Are In A Dream


Dreams are illusions of people’s minds. The Mind expresses itself through dreams- what it desires, what it has.


When we are dreaming, we do not know it is a dream. Likewise, people who live in the false world of their own conceptions and standards do not know that that world is a dream. Because they have self-centered false illusions in their minds they know no other way to live but according to their own frame of minds, the script within their minds. It is the same as being unable to avoid the dreams they are dreaming. Only those who have awakened from their dreams know this. Weather you were troubled or in live inside the dream, when you wake from it, you know that it is not reality. Likewise, life is just a night’s dream. When you come out from your own frame of conceptions and standards you will know that life in this world is a dream.

Once you become Truth you will realize that your conceptions and standards are false. You will know that they are just individual narrow thoughts and self-centered principles, Therefore, all of one’s own conceptions and standards are false; they are far from Truth.

Truth is life itself. Truth does not have discernment. Truth exists without the mind of existing. It is energy and light; it is great freedom. One whose current life becomes Truth by awakening from his dream becomes Truth, knows the true world and knows that life is a dream.

Writings by the founder of the method.

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