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Flushing Meditation

Success Starts With Well-being

Progressive companies like yours recognize the importance of personal well-being in company success. Empower your team with the best tool to release stress and renew the mind.


Our Story

Flushing Meditation in collaboration with Online Meditation events and its network of local centers has hosted countless workshops for businesses, schools, government agencies and other organizations. 
Our workshops are crafted to meet the needs of each organization so participants can gain the benefits even after just one session. Attendees find the meditation remarkably simple to follow which makes them extremely successful and typically leads to recurring scheduled workshops. Join the movement to bring cohesiveness, calmness, and peace to your organization.


What We Do

Specialized  programs to build a productive, and inspired work culture.

We offer meditation for companies and meditation for schools.  

Learn a practical tool to eliminate stress and find inner peace

Foster harmony in the workplace through self-reflection

Uproot self-limiting thoughts to create your best work

Overcome distractions and get things done

Increase  Concentration

build creativity

interpersonal relationships

Stress relif

Our Clients & Partners

St Johns university.jfif

St. John's University Meditation Workshop

"I've tried different types of meditation, but this one is different!” These were the enthusiastic words of those attending the Meditation Workshop at St. John’s University, October 14, 2020. Those in attendance were the faculty, staff, and students.

A St. John’s University professor experienced this meditation practice firsthand, realizing the benefits for opening up the mind to positivity, creativity, and infinite possibilities.

Oct.14 , 2020 | Workshop


Yelp Elite Squad Meditation Workshop

“I learned a ton... like how many thoughts we have every day and how many of those are negative and repetitive. Yikes!... cannot wait to become more clear-headed and aligned with the universe!” writes Lindsey J. on Yelp for Flushing Meditation.

Jando Shum, Queen’s Yelp Community Director, reached out to Flushing Meditation to give a workshop to the Yelp Elite Squad. The Yelp Elite Squad is a program for those yelpers who are active members in the business community. They provide honest and trusted reviews and photos for local businesses.

The workshop was open to a national audience of Yelp Elite members who showed interest in meditation. This one hour session gave those who attended an amazing experience using the unique method of discarding the mind and “Letting go”.

“...the entire practice of throwing away images into a burning fire and letting go, really does just help you reset for not just the day but the entire week ahead and puts you onto a much healthier path.” writes Ingred S. of Brooklyn, NY.

June 26, 2020 | Workshop


Shutterstock Meditation Event for Their Executives

Shutterstock executives experienced the unique method of meditation to “Let Go''. They discarded the fear of the unknown. Fear is stress and stems from our minds.

A director of Shutterstock requested guided meditation sessions for their executives around the world to help manage the fear and stress brought about by the pandemic quarantine in April 2020. 25 executives participated online.

Shutterstock is a provider of stock photography, footage, and music to the public on behalf of photographers and artists around the world. Palisades Park Meditation partnered with Shutterstock to offer a 45 minute guided meditation workshop to their executives around the world.

April 3, 2020 | Partnership


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