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Meditation Poem & Art

A person with a big mind does not have a framework of “self.” He is able to succeed because he is not bothered by many things and he does not have conflicts with others. A person who tries to make the world suit his mind will not succeed. When one lives with a mind that is as big as the world, he is able to understand the world and the world will suit him.


Love is endlessly peaceful.
Love is endlessly understanding.
Love is something that only humans have.
Love is about giving what you have.
Love is about humans loving humans.
Love is about sharing goodness with others.
Love is about showing mercy to others.
Love is about giving everything to the people of the world; it is about giving what you have to others.
Love is about speaking for those who have no words.
Love is about making it possible for the deaf to hear.
Love is about being loyal to the ones you love.
Love is about giving the whole of your heart.
Love is about being of one mind even when you and another are not together.
Love is about showing a warm gesture even to those who are just passing by.
Love is about showing uncalculated kindness.
Love is about longing those you miss.
Love is about treating loved ones with love.
Love is to give to others if they are wanting.
Loving people live in a loving world,
so they treat each other with love.
And because the people of the world 
treat each other with love,
the dark clouds of anger are lifted,
and they care for one another.
At the sight of the world 
and all of its creations living on love,
I jump for joy;
no one in the world has been left behind.
The world has always been a place where 
there is no distinction between ‘you’ and ‘me,’
and such a world is indeed a great place to live in.


Nature’s flow is to just live as water flows, without going against the laws of nature; it is living without conflicts; it is living as one without separation between you and me; living simply as one in togetherness; it is living for others before one’s self; it is doing without the mind of having done; it is simply just living. Such is a life of nature’s flow.


The Korean proverb, “Make up your mind in a big way” means one should have a big mind of the Universe. When one becomes the mind of the Universe, there is no sorrow, suffering, or pain because there is no self.

Existence is to exist in the original fo

The best health starts with the mind. When the mind lives with nature’s flow, when the mind is liberated, and lives as the Truth, his energy and blood circulation will improve and illness will disappear.


Agony is the product of human life.
It is when man tries to achieve something then fails
that this becomes his agony.
Agony is the output of man’s unfulfilled greed.
The countless experiences of man’s life
are his agonies and joys,
but they are mere emotions that he has.
Stemming from his karma and habits,
emotions are the experiences he has come to have 
of his own accord.
When seen from outside the forest,
one will be able to see that 
no one else but himself has agonies;
that one’s thoughts create one’s agonies.

Human completion is subtracting all of one’s minds. Then he is able to live well for he becomes the mind of the world that is the God and has wisdom. Furthermore, this mind that is the Soul and Spirit lives eternally.

How to Live Well

To live without attachments is to live well.
To live without self is to live well.
To stand in Truth is to live well.
To live without confrontation is to live well.
To live a life of that is of nature’s flow is to live well.
To live as one is to live well.
To know that life is eternal is to live well.
To live without worries, pain, or agony is to live well.
To live as the emptiness is to live well.

In the picture, only picture sky exists.

Want to live without worry, pain agony? Change your mind, change your life. 

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