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How To Meet God 

People are not able to meet God because they don't have wisdom. Wisdom is knowing the Truth; the Truth is God. He who is God has wisdom. When we cleanse impurities in our minds thru meditation, the true mind will be revealed. That true mind is God. 


Things can only be found when you go to the place where they exist.

God is Truth

Curious to know what Truth is exactly?

Proof That God Exists

"God" is a word that conjures up many different things, for many different people. People often times wonder whether God exists or not. Some people demand proof, others just try to believe. However, if you are after proof, you do not have far at all to look.

Where is God? 
Why Can't We See God?

Why we cannot see god? A clergyman in Christianity once said that although there are numerous religions in this world and many people believe in God, no one has seen God or has gone to heaven., which is God's kingdom. This existence of God is the existence of Truth. The reason why none of the countless people who lived during the era of incompletion could find the existence of Truth is because they tried to find God, who is Truth, from within their false mind world. In the bible, it says God is within my mind, and heaven is within my mind.

In the Buddhist Sutras, it also says that Buddha and nirvana are within my mind. The Qur'an also say s that Allah and paradise are within the mind. In the false mind of humans, which is the life one lived, there is no existence of  Truth. Once you throw away this false mind, then Truth exists within your mind. When the scriptures say that it exists 'within the mind,' it means that you can see and know Truth when you have it within your mind.  People do not know Truth because they do not have it within themselves. 

How To Find God Within You through meditation?

How To Find God through meditation

In Christianity, they say God is withn you and heaven that is God's land is within you. In Buddhism, they say Buddha is within you and nirvana that is Buddha's land is within you. In Islam, they say Allah is wihin you and paradise that is Allah's land is within you, How can you find it within yourself?

People live inside their slef-made mind world that overlaps the world. When you throw all of this mind away with meditation, Truth is within you and the land of Truth is within you. 

Where is Heaven?  How To Find Heaven?

Where exactly is heaven located?

When you completely die from this world, the Soul and Spirit of the universe emptiness exist. This is the entity of Truth which is a non-material existence. When this itself becomes your mind and yourself and this world is born again, this place here is the land of Truth, heaven, nirvanam and paradise. Only when you do the study of discardinf your false self, can you have Truth within you and can be born and live in the land of Truth, which is heaven. 

The ultimate purpose of all religions is to go to the land of Truth that is within you and live there forever. To achieve this, you need to become the true mind. You need to meditate to cleanse your false mind. 

One should go to the land of truth which is heaven, nirvana, and paradise while one is alive. Please watch this video. It will help you understand how you can find heaven within while living.

Meditation and God

God, the supreme, creator & ruler of the universe. How to meet God! Truth is God in every religion The being of Truth, which is real, does not exist as an outward form – it exists in the heart, in the mind. Sometimes people do not even know when this existence has come. People cannot recognize the person of truth because they seek truth in outward form. Truth has to be sought from within one's mind. This existence of God is the existence of Truth. How to find God through meditation!

Meditation, a way to connect with God, through meditation you will improve your physical as well as mental health. It enhances our focus, ensures peace of mind and makes us creative. Can we see God with meditation? Yes, it is a powerful way to connect with God. It will work for us as a bridge to make a connection with God. Finding truth through meditation the big 'T' Truth is ultimately what we as seekers are looking for.


When we sit in meditation, we need to be ready to experience the 'Truth' to attain the 'Truth'. Know-How to meditate and talk to God! Christianity, along with meditation, is an important part of how God intended us to communicate with Him and understand His Word. How do I truly find God! God is everywhere, experiencing God's presence in each moment, becoming aware of God's beauty in everything, and noticing God's action in all events of our lives through a continuous process of personal understanding.

We can do meditation to connect with God. Our meditation method is to make God and Heaven exist in your mind right now, while you're alive. This way, you can live a true life for eternity.  If you discard all of your false minds with patience, Truth is within you, and the land of Truth is within you. This is being fulfilled at this very moment. You can get started right now. Is there anything in this world that is more important than becoming Truth and living eternally?

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