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A Fresh Start:
30 Day Good Habits Building Program

Create good habits to change your fate.

Dedicate yourself to achieve your goals.

Discover a new you.

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Exercise more

Stressed Woman

Reduce stress


Wake up early


Make healtheir choice

You Will Learn How To

  • Define what is blocking you

  • Apply science-backed method

  • Develop skills to break out of habits and life patterns

  • Create susbtanable change in your life


Martin's relief

Suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, I found peace in meditation. Within three weeks, symptoms like chest pain and hyperventilation diminished significantly, drastically improving my quality of life.

Ella's story

I found that regular meditation sharpened my focus, enabling me to complete tasks with improved efficiency and precision. This newfound clarity transformed my work life, leading to a promotion within months.

Miguel's progress

I noticed a significant decrease in impulsivity after starting meditation. Choosing healthier habits became second nature, resulting in a better diet, more exercise, and a healthier lifestyle overall.

4-Week Meditation Plan

Week 1: Foundation and Mindfulness

  • Introduction to Meditation - Start with mini sessions daily and learn about how our mind is created.

  • Set Intentions - Reflect on what habits you want to develop and why. Use meditation sessions to identify the mind blockages.

  • Put into practice - Learned the meditation technique and begin your day with a 30-minute meditation to set a positive tone for the day ahead.

Week 2: Incorporating New Habits

  • Increase Meditation Time - Gradually increase your meditation time to one hour. 

  • Habit Integration - Introduce a new small habit you wish to develop. Pair it with your meditation practice, such as meditating right after a morning workout or reading.

Week 3: Reflection and Adjustment

  • Reflect on Progress - Use the daily meditation sessions to reflect on the habits you’re developing. Note any challenges and successes.

  • Adjust and Overcome - Make necessary adjustments to your habits based on your reflection. Continue to focus on meditation to clear away challenges along the way and grow inner strength.

Week 4: Deepening and Expansion

  • Deepen Your Practice - Join our members only online meditation retreat to deepen your practice, enhance emotional well-being, and find support in our community.

  • Expand Your Habits - Add another small habit you’d like to develop, using the same integration technique as before.

  • Celebrate and Plan Ahead - Reflect on the month’s journey, acknowledging your progress and planning how to sustain and build upon these habits.

This Spring, Meditate to Achieve Your Goals

Throughout this month, journal your experiences, challenges, and insights. This will not only enhance your mindfulness but also serve as a reminder of your journey and progress. Remember, the goal is progress, not perfection. It's all about building sustainable, healthy habits!

Register Today to Start Your 30 Day Meditation

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One month of unlimited guided meditation.

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