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Past Events

February Self-Care Series

Self-love comes from knowing who I am. When I know who I am I can have self-love, acceptance, and confidence.

"I feel I really got rid of all the clutter." - Jose

"I realized I don't have to live with guilt." - Bob 

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World Meditation Day

Over 1,000 Participants from 6 Continents

The worldwide meditation this morning was so fabulous. Incredible. Thank you for telling me about it - Samantha

It is beautiful and so very moving to see people all over the world sharing their thoughts about meditation. Everyone is so happy! - Bob 

Mind and Body Retreat at our Organic Farm in Florida
Family Activities at the center: cookie baking to ring in 2020 and Halloween Party
Volunteer Work:
Happy Meditators, Happy Volunteers
Planting and pruning street trees,  forest and wetland restoration, food pantry, and serving hot meals to members of the community, including immigrants, refugees, and families in need during the 2018 Flushing Community Holiday Dinner