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Live, Guided Meditation Just for Kids

Completely Free & All Kids Welcome

Even Kids have stress, anxiety, and fears weighing them down at times.


Since the pandemic started, we have been running Online Kids Meditation class every Sunday. The results are truly amazing! Kids join from all over the world and they are receiving so many benefits. These young students have reported:​​

Enjoyment in learning

Concentration in school


Peace & Wisdom

Compassion towards their peers

Breaking the cycle of bullying & peer pressure

Life in 2020 has been not only stressful for adults, but also stressful for kids.  Meditation for kids is becoming more important than ever: offering a healthy outlet to process emotions, relieve anxiety, gain greater awareness and happiness. 
Please help nurture the minds of kids who are the seeds of the future. The impact of COVID-19 has left everyone, especially children with the need to safeguard their mental health.

Kids Meditation = Bright Futures = A Better World

Happy Kids = Happy Parents

Please join us in supporting our future - which is more critical than ever.

"Can - and should - young children really meditate?"

The answer is: Absolutely! The youngest member at our center is 6 years old. :) Kids understand the premise of meditation very well and therefore feel the benefits quickly! Life these days is stressful for kids, so meditation is more important than ever: offering a healthy outlet to process their emotions, relieve anxiety, and gain greater awareness and happiness. Our young students have reported that they enjoy learning and can concentrate better in school, as well as naturally have more confidence, wisdom and compassion towards their peers, breaking the cycle of bullying and peer pressure.


We invite you to join us help enhance kids with True Wisdom!

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