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Tuesdays & Thursdays 10pm

Better Sleep Meditation

Best Guided Sleep Meditation

What to Expect

This soothing meditation will begin with a guided practice to gently let go of any thoughts or worries in the mind, followed by a progressive relaxation technique to ease tension in the body and drift into a restful night's sleep. 

If you’re looking for risk and side effect free way to combat sleepless nights or insomnia, night time meditation can be a great tool for it's all-natural and medication free.


So many struggle to “turn off” at night and sleep in a way that is truly restorative. Try meditation before bed. We have designed a special nighttime meditation series to melt away tension and invite a restful night’s sleep.


Elizabeth Cockrell, is an experienced meditation guide who also happens to have a wonderfully soothing voice. She will guide us through a progressive relaxation technique and guided meditation to gently release the thoughts of the day. Naturally, your body and mind will quiet down, allowing for a comfortable, rejuvenating night’s sleep. Join our relaxation meditation for sleep. Better sleep for brighter day!

Beat Insomnia & Reach Your Goals

Imagine, for a moment, waking up feeling rested and clear-headed; having the energy to get through the day, doing what you need to do, being focused and adaptable, ready to deal with any situation.

You need energy and a clear mind to overcome obstacles, reach your goals, feel purposeful and in control and create meaningful connections with people. Getting good sleep is about your body and mind healing and staying healthy. When you sleep better, you will be more productive, your capacity to learn will increase, you will be happier and healthier. Join our virtual guided meditation before sleep and let us tuck you into bed for a restful night.  

What Others Are Saying

"I did actually fall asleep at the nighttime meditation... So I guess it works!" - A

"The meditation really helped me to empty my self and to be ready to fall asleep" - N. Madson

"That guided sleep meditation was amaaaaazing" - J.BK


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